Hanseatic Value Paper Resources AG Presents:

Hanseatic value paper resources AG presents: Hanseatic value paper resources AG presents: the first deposit that pays! Hamburg, December 09, 2009 – the Hanseatic value paper resources AG (HWK AG) offers its customers exclusive a securities account, where customers receive a quarterly credit in the amount of 10,-, instead of paying a deposit fee. The custody account management is done via one of the leading German online broker. Thus, the HWK AG provides market-leading conditions. In addition, customers will receive the HWK AG: free, independent stock market up cheap transaction fees currently the HWK AG to 100% discount on the subscription fee funds pays interesting yields for call money and term deposits in addition to to 100,-for value securities transfers on a depot run about the HWK AG. About HWK AG: With experience, innovative ideas and a large network of partners, the HWK AG institutionelle investors, private investors and other wealth is the Ansprechpartner around the capital market. In addition to a bedarfsorientierten advice for Borsennotierten products, the HWK AG offers its customers through its partner banks interesting day money and deposit conditions. In addition, through their good market overview, she has worked as product supplier for other wealth. Contact: HWK – Hanseatic value paper resources AG Rene Peters Village Townhouse Bridge 1-3 20355 Hamburg Tel 040-8797240.