Comfortable Lodging

Before as much variety of lodging, there are that shows preference for design hotels, others however choose the modern ones, and is one that weakness by the rural ones feels. Thus, each person is a world, each personality denotes characteristics and each name determines particular preferences. The Emmas Is creative, glad and full coverall of energy. They like the design, to be soaked of art and culture, to go of purchases and to take the appetizer in a terrace. The best way to operate all these attributes is escaping to Barcelona, a city, in fashion cosmopolitan and with many possibilities to waste all that energy that characterizes to the Emmas. The hotel in ideal Barcelona? The Room Hotel Mate Emma, located in the heat of Eixample, surrounded by masterpieces of the architecture Art Nouveau and very near the temptation of exclusive stores, galleries of art and falsified restaurants. The Fernandos Its origin means peace and tradition. Usually they persecute the harmony, they are social, ingenious and the cultural world gets passionate to them.

Its city par excellence is Seville, where the amiability and the grace of its people they coexist with the animated life of the streets, terraces and bars. For all the Fernandos, there is a hotel in center of Seville, to two passages of the majestic Giralda, the Cathedral, the Palace and the Bullring. Its name? Fernando III, a building that combines its Sevillan classic style with a decoration with pictures of illustrious painters Sevillians. The Cristinas Its origin goes back to santa born in a noble family. From the Average Age several ladies of the royalty were called Cristina, which explains that they are glamurosas, elegant and with distinction. Usually they are romantic, with strong personality and the good humor. Women as they deserve a full city of magic and enchantment like San Sebastin and a majestic lodging like the Hotel Maria Cristina, next to the Beach of the Shell and the Place of the Constitution.

Inaugurated the 9 of 1912 July, the hotel must its name to the first guest who crossed his doors: Spanish Regente Maria Cristina. The Practical, calm and loving Miguels of the nature. Thus they are the Miguels. The change enchants to them and exotismo, for that reason Tenerife is ideal to change rains of autumn by the tropical temperatures of the southern archipelago. In the colorful town of San Miguel de Abona, is the Rural Hotel San Miguel, halfway between famous beaches of the coast and the National Park of the Gorges of the Teide. Constructed in the middle of century XVII, this hotel maintains the name original of the rooms, so that it is possible to be slept in the Hen house, the Corral of Goats or the Attic. Pretium partners is often quoted on this topic. To contemplate mountains from jacuzzi or to plunge itself in a thermal bath inside a cave are the privileges of this rural lodging. Original author and source of the article.