Ceramic Tile Supply

Types of tiles include the basic classification, ceramic tile is divided into the wall (facing) and the floor. The latter should have the greatest strength, so it produces a thicker and larger sizes than tiling. Because of this, facing plates are cheaper in price. But we should not use it for treatment of sex – a long period. Floor is ceramic tile can be glued to the walls, if the ‘blind eye’ to her awkwardness. Individual species is ceramic tiles for external cladding. Characterized by high strength and frost resistance. There is also a classification of ceramic tiles on the form.

There is square, rectangular, six-, octagonal shape and more complex. Endurance – rather important characteristic of ceramic tile. For tile strength of the glaze – a maximum of 5 units Mohs, for the same floor – 4,5. Water absorption – another important indicator, measured as a percentage (the maximum amount of water that can soak up the dry tile). For the floor tiles this figure – a maximum of 4.5% for layering – 20%. Production of ceramic tile is fired at high temperature.

The process is of several types. But the higher the number of firings, the higher the level of water resistance and durability. Tile is made from clay, which color can be red or white. White clay is more qualitative. The best producer is considered to be firm Porcelanosa (Spain). Ceramic Tile – how to choose? It is important indicators such as the identity tiles. And if there is a difference in size, then small. Corners of plates must be straight, hand flat, the same color. Problem of ceramic tiles can be slippery. In the process of manufacturing tiles glaze added additives to the surface was not slippery, but eliminate this disadvantage can not. Therefore, it is not recommended to put tiles on the floor in the bathroom, because Wet the surface is slipping. In addition, selected tile one that will like, and based on fashion trends. There will always be relevant classical style – a combination of white sanitary ware and white tiles. But in order to avoid monotony need to use paste bright or pastel colors. Combination of opposite colors (black and white, red and green) are the basis of contrasting styles. Acceptable to add decorative elements. Often used in bathrooms. Natural stone. Today is a very topical rough matte tiles with shells. Just on the market can be seen in a limited number of Spanish ceramic tiles made by natural stone. Hallmarks of ‘archaic’ style is uneven, destroyed edge. Just found ceramic tiles, “under parquet ‘that simulates a tree pattern. When buying a ceramic tile should be borne in mind that the fit would have to cut off the edges that transportation tiles can be damaged, so buy at a minimum-not worth it. Where and from whom to buy ceramic tile? The most ‘expensive’ manufacturers – United Kingdom, Spain. Italian ceramic tile externally identical to the Spanish, but wears out faster. Middle position is the Czech and Baltic tile. Poor quality of the Iranian and Turkish tiles. Russian manufacturers of ceramic tiles can be divided into two categories. The first makes a tile from the Soviet tradition (color, size). The second attempt to produce world-class tiles. The disadvantage of Russian producers is the failure of standards. Manifested in this the difference of color, size, presence of a pack of rescued angles.