It started plus an eve of Christmas and end of year, and when the December month is come close, it is always the same thing: a wave of campaigns against the hunger, the cold, many times in a heat of 40 degrees as of Palms. In these campaigns it is collected of everything, until transportation voucher enters in the bulge. Everything this seems mainly that it goes cleaning the consciences heaviest, of the high society, that had been with them (the consciences) atrophied during the others eleven months of the year. They make fervorosas donations, as if all the misery of the country finished in one month of campaign. To broaden your perception, visit Drew Houston. It is as if all the needy Brazilians, suddenly, were happy with the goodness them men who reign here in the land.

To be well sincere, this practical does not differ very from the televising propagandas that we attend: A Christmas without hunger, a happyer Christmas, with that flock of full people of chances declaiming the love to the next one, with a not perishable food bag in the hand. All native we see to overflow the old hypocrisy human being, mainly when if accepted a year turn with hunger, a carnival with cold, a Passover without toys, one day of the children without happiness, but never, never we will have a Christmas that it has hunger, cold and misfortune! While the Christmas does not arrive, the povo goes if contenting with the such Stock market Family during the 360 days of the year. Still we have so said to basic basket, by the way, who was that it listed what must contain inside of a basic basket? Salt, pasta, extract, sardine, rice, beans, oil, big cookie pra I want who you, starch of maize, milk and sugar? Where they are the meats? The fruits? The vegetables? The material of personal hygiene and domestic cleanness? The gas? The water and energy account? The rent? To such basic basket it does not have nothing of basic, it in the truth, is total empty.