Beatriz Hogar

Second after having selected that person is to check the references, in the best of cases, if you do it through my agency Beatriz Hogar, proporcionare ye references and you can talk to the Lords for those who have worked and check if what I said in the interview is true or not. Myself when comes a girl to sign up check the references that give me and if they are not valid or not give them good rule out it. Third and not least is the daily coexistence. Already many cases been given me in that what seemed to be a wonderful, wonderful girl not so much why is this? Very simple, there are as many houses as people and tastes, and that to a lady seems wonderful for another because of their personal circumstances not so much. This comes by the famous recommendations from friends of the girls who say – this friend of mine is very good and do not see as cooking, and clean like that over a week after having it in house is Yes that kitchen well, but the cuisine of his country and clean that, there to show most of the time to do things. A good professional with guarantees and well-formed is rare outside of an agency, because, oddly enough, is difficult to find qualified professionals, even with the crisis that we suffer.

The good thing that has contract with my agency is that I offer 1 year of replacement warranty, by circumstances or by others that are suffering, have suffered and will suffer all those that mess at home first thing you see and recommend them. The good thing about the replenishment is that if you’re not happy with the girl, call me and on the same day or as much as the next day already have other 3 or 4 girls so you can go back to select. I’ve seen cases of girls who didn’t know or frying an egg, or the novel so unconscious of watching and leave abandoned children at the bus stop; in the end a lot of situations that you can avoid by choosing a professional with guarantees.