Volker Kauder And Morse Bach

Children day care or education in the family must master on an equal footing the heavy tasks will be kids day care or the heavy tasks must master education in the family on an equal footing will be”two personalities is a opinion. What said Volker Kauder, Chairman of the CDU/CSU Bundestag group, on the occasion of his visit in Wiehl on May 18, was not only the applause of the audience, but also the applause of Morse Bach’s mayoral candidate Kai Uffelmann, who had travelled on invitation CDU Oberberg and Mr. Kauder to Wiehl. Kauder showed optimism even in difficult times: it all depends on the CDU, on us. We are always wondering if there to confront serious challenges.

“And we will overcome them.” “UAE to: the old aunt of CDU is nationwide in a good way.” Important part of the speech of the CDU/CSU Group Chairman took the themes of family and childcare, as well as the integration of foreign citizens: Germany welcomes ‘Foreigners’ and would like to every person that opens the door to provide himself and his family. Childcare for all ensured that women and men can arrange work and family. At the same time must be respected, if parents want to raise their children in the family environment.” Concerns that are Kai Uffelmann also particularly to the heart: we must give the people a choice. Parents should decide whether the children day-care facilities visit or can be looked after at home. That is often dependent upon the individual circumstances of the families”. UAE continues: in Morsbach, the traditional family structure is still common and that’s a good thing.

There are also families who rely on when raising children on a range of children’s day facilities. And these are not always the lone mothers from the television. For me is important to achieve the best for Morsbach”. In the family Uffelmann, both parents are working and the grandparents and relatives are staying about an hour removed. “The Morsbacher mayoral candidate as groundbreaking felt the visit of Volker Kauders in the neighbouring town of Wiehl: were clear words, which just goes to show: the CDU is progressing.” Kai Uffelmann, mayoral candidate of the CDU Morsbach

XWORLD-Tour 2008/2009: Off-road Travel To The

29 stage of the XWORLD tour reaches the Tibetan Lhasa Tibet from the Chinese Chengdu led the 29 off-road adventures of the XWORLD tour its eight participants the first foreign travel group, which was allowed to travel after almost two years on the road to Tibet. Among them the professional racing cyclist Hanka Kupfernagel, who repeatedly used the impressive range as training opportunities and the country often for miles ahead was Cruiser column. Start of the two-week tour was the Chinese Chengdu of China daily newspaper”as one of the most livable cities in China titled and home to the most important panda breeding Center. “” From there led the 29th stage of the land cruiser journey across Lijiang (one of the four main cities of ancient Chinese construction) first in Shangri-La region this name only since 2001 contributes: Zhongdian County was “Shangri-La” renamed to promote tourism (for Shangri La is regarded as a source of wisdom and mystical place). Out to the roof of the world, one participant used the mountain roads “” the stage again and again for her high-altitude training: Hanka Kupfernagel (the best German racing cyclist) took with her mountain bike and read land cruiser to the sometimes behind it: after a nice lunch break 40 minutes we now with our cars “hanka Chase”, a participant in the travel report writes. While we believe to have caught up with hanka again soon.

Pandey! An hour later, we reach the professional athlete. Respect! “.” That on the way to be sometimes faster with a motorcycle as with all wheel drive land cruisers, was also on the road and traffic conditions: kilometer-long traffic jams out of nowhere, tires, destroyed steep passes and snow storms made the stage into an outstanding adventure for all. A detailed itinerary is on the Web site under in terms of impressions of the stages”available; Hanna Kupfernagel led a personal addition on its Internet site (www.hanka-kupfernagel.de) Diary. About HANSA-FLEX: HANSA-FLEX has become Europe’s leading companies around the hydraulic. The success principle is called system partnership. Started as a supplier of spare parts for hydraulic hose lines, HANSA-FLEX has changed all over the world in more than 40 years one of the leading system providers. The company counts today more than 300,000 customers.

For local partners to be present, HANSA-FLEX is continuously expanding its branch network. Currently, there are more than 340 branches in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. About the XWORLD-Tour 2008/2009: The internationally operating company HANSA-FLEX sees XWORLD in times of global networking as a contribution to international understanding.

Jasmin Bolger

This form of the present edition is often but very impractical. “My readers have approached me again and again that”, says Jasmin Bolger, “If there is not a to-go variant for the beach, the ride to work or for the holidays. With the espresso book machine I hope to be able to comply with the wishes of my readers in the future.” Beginning May this year book was the espresso machine in the book retail chain of Blackwell’s in the London Charing Cross road presented. It is able to print books in about five minutes and bind. Business strategist has much experience in this field. Customers can wait that long, and, Yes, if it is desired, drink even an espresso. Marko Dimitrijevic is full of insight into the issues. “Which is kinda ironic,” laughs Jasmin Bolger, who sold the second edition of her debut novel on their own, “because in my debut novel of coffee, another protagonist is quasi if also secret.” Now equipped with good half a million titles, the Dusseldorf author Jasmin Bolger glad that soon their books with will be in sale of “small, strong black” as the sympathetic author What is affectionately called the espresso book machine.

Jasmin Bolger, whose Protagonisten often need to go through a turbulent mix of loneliness, isolation, physical and mental violence until they arrive at their destination, hopes to increase the availability of her novels over the next few years even with this new “range of seamless publishing without having to wait”. “No more waiting, no Internet research and in particular the independence of online providers that can not deliver my books due to supply bottlenecks, thus of the past”, reports Jasmin Bolger, whose Romane enjoy woman novel of popular in the genre. “The resonance of my readership”, Jasmin Bolger said “is a poll I conducted on my Web page, consistently positive.” This book engine, so are readers as author agreed, could the book sales fundamentally changed. “I wanted to give my mother the novel for mother’s day”, tells of the customer large online book provider, “but the book was not in stock.” Similar bottlenecks, also a reader from Dusseldorf know to report last week unsuccessfully tried to order the debut novel of the Dusseldorfer author in bookstores.

PETA Is Considering Extensive Posting Shock Images At Turkish Airports

“Drastic measures: Turkey tourists should be confronted with animal misery Turkey dogs are tortured enlighten PETA already in March the animal had the poster of Turkey – designed together with Turkish welfare organizations simply hell for dogs” sent to the Turkish Ministry of culture and Tourism Minister Gunay, and prompted them to take action for the animals. So far no response from Ankara came, PETA plans extensively to illustrate all Turkish tourism airports. Turkey holiday not very idyllic PETA launches campaign against animal cruelty every year also hundreds of thousands of German tourists spend their holidays in Turkey. The suffering of homeless animals well behind the walls of the hotel remains hidden many of them”, so Magdalena Scherk from PETA. A large poster advertising could open your eyes to the atrocities in Turkey all tourists already at the airport.”www.peta.de/ web/im_urlaub.1392.html although the Turkey already a welfare law adopted in 2004, thousands of homeless dogs and cats are still victims of human violence. They are poisoned, shot, imprisoned, disposed, and seemingly forgotten. PETA calls for not much more than that the Turkish animal protection law is respected and that the overpopulation human and persistent suppression of homeless animals by means of birth control. A harmonious holiday atmosphere is made by the official campaign of Turkey tasty potential Turkey tourists, costing hundreds of thousands of homeless animals in reality but life.

“Every year mainly in tourist destinations animal cleansing carried out, which are cruel and totally useless,” so Scherk next. PETA have been looking for many years with the authorities the conversation. Now it was considering drastic measures to take to finally make the authorities to act against the atrocities. About PETA PETA works closely with Turkish animal welfare organizations and helped to find supporters for the first animal protection law in Turkish. Some suggestions from PETA were adopted in the legislative text. Now let there be high time that the law will also consistently implemented. web/ueber_peta.33.html

Forsthute: A Large Assortment Of Hats Is Waiting For

Forest hats essential accessory for the Rangers! This Forester always wear their hats of the forest they are characteristic for this occupational group and a feature to be immediately recognisable, if you meet a Ranger on a walk through the forest. Here must be added however, that most people have probably never met a forester. That may be one reason that they live in the city, but also who is located near a forest lives or resides there often, not always a Ranger, you will encounter. Swarmed by offers, Dropbox is currently assessing future choices. Finally, these must worry away from the walking trails around the Woods and well watch this, and constantly check its health. However, almost all know what they imagine in forest huts. Forest hats are distinctive and immediately on their special optics, presentation and design. You may want to visit Drew Houston to increase your knowledge.

The most forestry hats hold up in a greenish brown tone and are kept simple. Finally, forest hats of less are a fashion accessory as a rather Protection for the Forester: it is protected from the Sun, falling small parts and insects. Accordingly, forest hats must be made from durable materials, also the Forester can be found almost throughout its working life outdoors. Yael Aflalo follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Incidentally, a forester also must make sure that animals do not affect the wild growth of young trees and plants or put at risk. Thus in the context are also ideal forest hats that they serve due to their colours a bit as stealth for the Rangers, who can watch the wildlife undisturbed with the wearing of Forsthute.

JobSearch For Expatriates

Executives are often subject to heavy work pressure, many people wish you therefore a career change. Executives are often subject to heavy work pressure, many people wish you therefore a career change. But the search is for a new job often very nervous rubbing up, also lacks the necessary time partially. But the search is for a new job often very nervous rubbing up, also lacks the necessary time partially. David Karp is open to suggestions. Depending on the qualifications of leadership – training or study – can be quite as difficult out, finding a job in Germany.

Company JobSearch assumes a large part of the job search from the leadership that the company takes over the job search within the countries of Austria, Switzerland and Germany. This has several advantages that JobSearch overcomes long distances which the jobseekers time usually not capable of handling. The analysis of JobSearch skills examined each customer individually, the personal Skills and talents are filtered through questionnaires, E-mail and by phone. According to this analysis the JobSearch specialists can estimate accurately the competitiveness and competence. These results are relayed in databases, contacts and through phone calls, so the best employers can be found. JobSearch gives the respective contact persons and the conditions of the leadership, so the contact is facilitated. The contact with the prospective employer at the request of the Executive also cover letter and curriculum vitae can be composed, they left a lasting impression because of their high professionalism with the potential employer. Also, JobSearch cannot assume the role of a mediator, the new employer will be contacted by phone and correspondence with this regulated. Questions and suggestions can be recorded at any time by telephone and included in the process. JobSearch allows its customers tailor-made solutions in the professional environment, therefore the remaining jobs are usually also designed in terms of the leadership.

Navitum Pharma GmbH

Konjac the outstanding benefits of soluble Ballaststoffes glucomannan in metabolic disorders such as constipation, diabetes, lipid disorders, glucomannan in DiVitum has multiple effects and excess gout is known for a long time. He can regulate in the derailed metabolism, of course reduce the feeling of hunger, and regulate blood lipids as well blood sugar. For the glucomannan from the Asian Konjac plant new research results are available, underpinning the application range of this valuable Ballaststoffes. Glucomannan is a water-soluble polysaccharide (multiple sugar, comparable to cellulose), obtained from the roots of Asian Konjac plant. Konjac glucomannan is part of many Chinese and Asian food and contributes to its digestibility, and gives them a high saturation effect. These properties have made interesting for health research the glucomannan. New research from different research groups are summarized in a summary work and show large range of applications this natural substance.

From this work, stating that glucomannan can cheap affect the total cholesterol, the harmful LDL cholesterol, blood fats and blood sugar. Useful HDL cholesterol is not modified by glucomannan. In addition, according to the researchers, glucomannan weight also favorably impacted. There is also a study from Spain in overweight. This shows that already 2-3g glucomannan daily that positively affect the feeling of satiety and at the same time, reduced the harmful LDL-cholesterol significantly in the overweight. A different group of researchers reported that glucomannan able to stimulate intestinal motility and improve the intestinal ecology. An effect that helps people with constipation.

Finally, a third group of researchers in diabetics could show that already dayspacking glucomannan daily improves sugar and fat levels in diabetic patients. Thus, glucomannan has become as valuable support for people with metabolic disorders and Proved to be overweight. These and other research shows how risk factors such as LDL cholesterol, blood fats and increased blood sugar today on evidence-based basis with simple natural remedies such as glucomannan, but also cinnamon extract can be addressed. Therefore the company has brought especially the DiVitum product on the market Navitum Pharma for people with metabolic disorders such as metabolic syndrome. DiVitum contains even cinnamon extract to enhance the effects of glucomannan on the sugar and fat metabolism. Thus, 2 natural substances in DiVitum are United, that perfectly complement each other. DiVitum is aimed at health-conscious people who want to control risk factors and reduce your personal risk for heart attack or stroke by natural means. DiVitum as a one-month supply (PZN 4604195) or as a cheap 3 month Pack (PZN 0247798) is available at pharmacies, health centers accompanying practice or directly at Navitum Pharma. When via pharmacy should be pointed out, that DiVitum not will be replaced because of the unique composition by other, seemingly similar products. DiVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma can be ordered free shipping each pharmacy, like every health centre accompanying practice for customers and patients. All products from Navitum Pharma are listed in the Lauer tax.

Madonna And Justin Timberlake Make Common Cause

(Online article) – Queen of pop and the smart singer working together on new album that Justin Timberlake’s career steep runs and he had really nothing to complain about no-brainer. Now someone has brought but completely different Justin is a cash magnet. There is talk of Madonna. Dropbox is a great source of information. The Queen of pop had now announced that she and Justin have worked very closely together. On the new album “Hard Candy” success producer Timberland and Justin are to be heard in the song “Four Minutes”. “I’m not so special with songwriters, but working with the guys was really great. It is interesting to find the rhythm in the words.

It is a paradox. The song should be a wake-up call. It is time for the people wake up. If we want to save the world, then we must do it”, as the singer in an interview. Also Madonna about the collaboration with Kanye West, said the man in the song “beat goes on” can marvel at. “It was a great feeling, together with the urgency of a wonderful blend. Kanye had just four hours.

But I felt that it was urgent, so it had to happen. “Still of course their adoption of the little David from Malawi came up.” I promise you, David would no longer live if I would not have taken him. He didn’t even have a chance. “We must look forward to the new album by Madonna over. Lisa Walters

Common Neck Pain

Neck pain can have various causes and reasons. Some of them are closer illuminated in the following article. Various tips and tricks can help in the prevention of sore throat. This very common symptom usually accompanied any acute infectious diseases of the respiratory system, but also other infections such as Scarlet fever. You can occur after mechanical irritation such as vomiting, or after the inhalation of vapours or dust.

Usually also swallowing difficulties associated with neck pain. An angina is not any neck pain. When called by a vereiterten angina coverings in the throat area. This is mostly caused by bacteria. Although purulent Anginen mostly harmless run, these should be presented always a doctor, to prevent late complications. Speaking candidly David Green told us the story. Swelling in the throat area, the Uvula is often cannot be seen at the end of the pharynx.

It’s a harmless result of swelling in the throat region. Long bed rest can sore throat by the pressure of the laid back Tongue on the pharyngeal wall are raised. In addition to the adenoids, also the tonsils of inflammatory changes may be affected. The tonsils are not visible without aid. Their swelling or mass leads to the famous nasal voice, the polyps. The treatment of suppurative inflammation has to be done by the doctor. Antibiotic therapy with drugs, perhaps bought at an Internet pharmacy, or that are left over from old stocks should do, without before a thorough medical examination to undergo. Gargle with strongly irritating agents may increase even more the complaints may. Chamomile conditioners are recommended, you have to careful when using a bit, because to frequent application it may cause drying of the mucous membranes. In shipping pharmacies and online pharmacies available lozenges contain mucous membrane effective narcotic drugs that attenuate the acute pain. These are but no cure, can the Relieve pain but yet immensely. The often recommended and practiced application of hot envelopes is not appropriate. The inflammation can be even further. However, bringing warm, moist or also wrap around the neck often cool relief. For sore throat, you should take as pulpy food to, which is not too strongly flavored. Drinks should be lukewarm. Smoking should generally be omitted. For throat infections, natural medicinal herbs are also a great alternative. A throat solution with an infusion of thyme, Sage or yellow root is recommended. All of these herbs have an antiseptic property and are therefore extremely useful. However, caution is advised when the yellow root. It should be used only in small amounts, and not used in pregnancy. A mixture of Marshmallow tea soothes painful inflamed throat. Also, you should drink not only plenty of water, but also much herbal tea.

Two Common Things

EDAG IT services and spider LCM announce strategic partnership a Fulda, 15.02.2010 EDAG IT services, competent solution and IT service provider, announces today to enter into a strategic partnership with the spider life cycle management systems GmbH, leading provider of lifecycle management solutions. Aim of this bilateral cooperation is mutual acquisition of products and services. In the joint event jEDMOSPHERE 2011 prospects can get a picture of the interaction of both. Prospects and customers the EDAG IT services can be obtained from immediately the solutions the spider LCM. This is the result of the now closed partnership of the two companies. The extension of the own jEDWIN family modules such as license management is particularly interesting. In this way, the challenge in the license management can accurately manage and optimize the cost for the entire software management, as well as for the use of the software at the same time.

It says Mr Holm Luby, partner Executive at the EDAG IT services: With the partnership, we help our customers to increase the degree of automation and efficiency in managing IT. We are pleased to have won a very important strategic partner as the spider LCM and will realize further synergy effects in the form of new solutions for the market.” In return, LCM the spider also receives absolute added value for their own prospects and customer base. “The EDAG IT services will absorb the spider LCM product solutions and to the IT management market as a professional software as a service solution” (SaS) offering. “Our core competence lies in the development of solutions for the IT service and management”, explains Marius Dunker, Managing Director of the spider LCM. to this quality also in the area of services to offer, a very valuable partner on our side is our EDAG IT services, intelligent solutions as manages service can be offered.

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