National Curricular Parameters

In the following pages, they glue figurinhas, in which they are registered the Geometric contents, recommended for the National Curricular Parameters. In each lesson the activities are carried through photos of the pupils carrying through and in the following day two monitors of the room, distribute three figurinhas for each pupil; they change that them between itself. In the figures to follow, the pupils make measurements in the patio of the school. In its book, Andrini suggests: ‘ ‘ They choose two colleagues to measure the length of the classroom. They must use the proper step as unit of measure. The gotten measures had been equal? Why? Step is a good unit of measure? ‘ ‘ (ANDRINI, 2002, P. 229). Questionnaires had been distributed the pupils, looking for to verify as an album made or is part of the life of the pupils.

We use the following procedures: ) Photographs of the pupils, in groups, carrying through the activities and transformed into figurinhas, 5 size x 7 cm b) the album with figurinhas glue; the writing of the pupil on the knowledge constructed on the respective content during the accomplishment of the activities. c) The exchange of albums between the pupils, so that a pupil could verify the work of the other colleague. Consideraes final. The work meets in the phase of analysis and evaluation. Through photographs, of questionnaires answered for the pupils, we are analyzing as the construction of the knowledge of geometry occurred in sociocultural context, its attitudes and the importance during the accomplishment of the activities in the school. Based in the importance of the appropriation of the written and said language used by the pupils, this signals that the same ones can construct the Geometric knowledge during the activities in its cultural context. We are in analysis phase, but for however, we evidence that the application of the practical resources, that is, the use of the materials constructed for the pupils, of individual and collective form. Through its cultural context and contextualizando the contents and valuing the participation of the citizen in the construction of the knowledge, it comes to be a possible pedagogical action of being used in the educational process for one better quality in education.

We can evidence the possibilities of development and the learning through real situations of education, as a propitious environment to the development of the pupil, when the citizen answers to the stimulatons and ace interactions in its group. We are analyzing metodolgicos aspects in the education of the Mathematics, carrying through pertinent activities with the work developed in classroom; with the interferences and the performance of the pupils. Bibliographical references.

Austria: Three Times Spa Break For Last-minute

Wellness offers from spar with! Travel show that it is also inexpensive. 4 star offer three hotels in Austria’s most beautiful regions everything that desires the heart of wellness. Vacation and relaxation go together. Many tourists dream of massages under palm trees and relax by the pool with a view of the Summit. But at wellness, many automatically think of exorbitant prices.

The wellness offers of spar with! Travel show that there is another way. 4 star offer three hotels in Austria’s most beautiful regions everything that desires the heart of wellness. The alpine wellness hotel Haller in Maria Alm in Salzburg ( mariaalm1…) is murder serious wellness hotel in the region. The impressive architecture of the 2006 built hotel (designed by the star architects Innerhofer or Innerhofer\”) provides much to date provided in the shade. But to the inner values. \”The hotel’s motto is you live well\”. A very accurate and welcome prompt, which fulfil this year each guest with pleasure. For example, in the so-called bad sky SPA.

Here the Pinzgauer sweating room, visitors can expect the bio-herb sauna, the Almer stone bath, the steam bath and the Salzburger marble heated loungers. A variety and selection of water and sweating pleasures on State of the art that is second to none. Or should it be rather what tangible? Eleven different massages, acupuncture massage up W like feel-good massage A leave every needy\”get his money’s worth. Well recovered even in the marine mud pools, Almer natural Solebad or a hefty body wrap. The exterior should be placed once again on front man? In the top equipped beauty farm, nothing is left unturned to elicit a smile then look in the mirror. Also at the hotel Haller, regular fitness concept is part of a successful wellness. Whether at the Nordic walking, a round of golf on one of 20 surrounding Golf courses or in an extensive herb walk, in the wellness hotel Haller no wish remains unfulfilled.

Customers Service

Because except for the case of a funeral home, in almost any other business customers do not return by that have not been satisfied with the service/product purchased on your last purchase. This dissatisfaction may be basically due to a bad price, poor service or both. In fact the dichotomy between the two variables is almost as old as the history of Commerce. Occasionally not missing the debate of guru of turn that ‘see’ that fundamentally is indeed ‘give the best service at the best price’ brilliant contribution. But make no mistake, there is no single answer to this demand and the perception of our customers about that relationship between qualities and prices, it is possible that differs greatly from what we ourselves have.

In fact if you think that your customers do not return for the price, and after a brief investigation into the matter ‘discover you’ service is the culprit, not creates which is unique in that error, a study in United States between clients and executives of relevant companies has shown that while customers allege – 73% of cases – that the bad service is the main cause of its abandonment – against 24 percent who blamed the price-, the managers of these companies think – 50% – that price is the main culprit and only 21% aimed at – evil – I customer service as its Achilles heel. It is reasonable to think that in a time of economic boom factor prices move to a second plane. It is just as reasonable that before a change of situation the price recovers its primacy. Therefore you have to be very careful when establishing railways rules. Common sense should be very attentive to the views of our customers and go by adjusting parameters of service,- and if possible – price, depending on what you go seeing necessary. And with respect to this last, does that is something what dedicates time and effort? are you running any program or task more or less continuous in time that allows you to know the degree of satisfaction of its clients with the last purchase made? It may be a good time to think about it and turn it on. Before making more unpleasant ‘discoveries’. More content at: original author and source of the article

Civil Code

Termination of Power of Attorney legislation relates to the three main types of circumstances (Art. 188 CC RF). The first circumstance is due to the termination of the warrant expiry. The second factor is the abolition of the power of attorney issued by or refusal of the person who has power of attorney. That is, at any time during the warrant trustee can cancel it, as trustee – respectively, to give it up. This is a mutual, reciprocal right to unilateral termination of the warrant due to the fact power of attorney that the deal is so-called fiduciary (trust) in nature. Moreover, the legislator has highlighted that the agreement to waive that right is void (Part 2 of Art. 188 Civil Code).

Principal, abolishing its Power of Attorney shall notify their agent, known to the principal as well as third parties to be represented before that, actually, and was granted power of attorney (Part 1 of Art. 189 Civil Code). And finally, the third circumstance, terminating action attorney, is associated with the termination of legal capacity or competence of the principal or an agent. In the case of legal entities – is the end of a legal entity in whose name issued Power of Attorney (or has power of attorney). With regard to citizens – is the death of a citizen, the warrantor (or has power of attorney), recognition of his incompetent, incapable or untraceable absent. The rights and obligations which have arisen as a result of actions authorized person before it knew or should have known about the termination power of attorney shall remain in force for the principal and his successors in against third parties.

Sound Generators

First we must clarify that all kinds of medical treatment, is already oriented to the relief of the buzzing in the ear as to any other disorder, it must be always recommended by the physician and under strict supervision of a specialist. The masking and sound generators are two electronic equipment developed for the same aim, although they operate under different principles. Both teams have been designed for the elimination or alleviation of the buzzing in the ear. The masquer (or masker) operates under the principle of coverage or masking of the perceived sound of tinnitus through the issuance on the inside of the ear of a sound calibration frequency and intensity for each particular case. The biggest problem of the maskers is that when the patient takes it, tinnitus returns and in many cases with greater intensity, having recalibrated the computer everytime this happens.

The case of sound generators is completely different, and its development was based on the experience of patients indicating that many times to spend long periods exposed to sounds monotonous low level (such as air conditioners, fans, etc.), perceived tinnitus lowered its intensity, or not distracted them from their daily tasks. Why sound generators therapy works such as retraining the brain therapies, uncovered to tinnitus, but trying to mislead the subconscious that you remove your focus of attention. Both the masking sound generators are very small, very similar to hearing aid equipment, and the habituation to use depends on each patient. Also it depends on each particular case of buzzing in the ear, the degree of success or failure of each of these treatments, taking into account that the level of disorders that produce tinnitus is always very subjective and associated with many internal and external factors. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.

Food For Energy

Or a single protein, low-fat cottage cheese with chopped herbs, a piece of fish steamed or grilled, parsley and sprinkle with lemon juice, etc. This distribution of products within day common sense. Day requires energy – her body gets out of doobedennyh carbohydrates, and night are basically all plastic processes that require protein as a building material. During night's sleep is produced somatotropin (STH). He breaks down fat to fatty acids and glycerin, which circulates in the blood is an energy substrate for plastic processes. That is the night you lose weight, but on condition that the synthesis of growth hormone is not blocked by alcohol, as well as carbohydrate and fatty foods for dinner. Therefore, protein breakfast will soon fatigue and increased appetite and carbohydrate eaten for dinner, put off in the form of fat.

Principle Four. Preventing hunger. Between the three main meals make snacks. Fractional power ensures the stability of blood glucose, which is important for normal metabolism and to good, vigorous health. Furthermore, the lack of hunger can not overeat. Over a half – two hours before dinner, eat an apple green savory varieties.

Between lunch and dinner as snacks, but no fruit. It may be cucumber, carrot, tomato (any vegetable), small piles of meat, fish, cheese, egg, or a savory dry (a), a slice of bread. The principle of the fifth. Portions should eat slowly and be reasonable. Moderation in eating is dictated by end in itself – losing weight. When nizkoglikemicheskom carbohydrate breakfast and respect of the fractional power goes ravenous appetite, and control the amount of food eaten becomes easier.

Luxury Travel

Always had thinking about travelling with luxuries was only for people who had lots of money, because the first-class tickets cost a lot of money or simply classic airlines always have had very high prices. Now this is no longer so, now anyone can travel with luxuries without spend so much money. What happens is that there is a low cost airline that provides a high quality service, traveling with them it would seem you’re going first class, wanna know why? This low cost airline is the best in its class, as you are travelling very comfortable because it is characterized by having large space between seats, just like the expensive airlines. You have plenty of space to be able to lower the seat and no longer have to worry if uncomfortable passenger back your seat, because it will never actually touch it. Will traveling through this low-cost airline never get bored, because each seat has a sound system for you to listen to different stations with different kinds of music, from pop up child and instrumental, there for all tastes. In addition that all love is that you can see how it takes off and Lands your plane because there are some cameras that show you just how pilots look with this airline. Now you know, if you want to travel with luxury not spend!

Creating Our Universe

The majority of the people we have desires, I put and objectives in our life but could happen that the manifestation of all those desires not yet appears, to obtain goals is necessary much desire and persistence, although we must start off of a totally essential point as Andrew Corentt in the book is mentioned the Secret of the Power of Metas and is to accept our creative responsibility. What is this? , the creative responsibility says well to us that we created the universe and all the circumstances that we observed in our life, this happens through being able of the subconscious mind, for the majority of the people this idea is to them outside logic, but the certain thing is that many tests that the form in which are present at the information of the equipment, to the colors, the armchairs, etc. say to us that each person creates her own life, by all means that are spiritual agreements to perceive things of very similar way, for example if 40.000 people attend to see a party, appear of quite similar form but nonequal, which happens here is that exist there are 40,000 universes, or he is every one is creating its own universe with spiritual information powerful. Now we think about the personal profits and in the life styles, we watch as people have tendency to create problems, or to create wealth, or to generate opportunities in its life, each circumstance happens by the form in which we programmed information in our life, if in fact tenth us continuously that we are healthful we will indicate that belief, which we watched, we touched, we spoke and we thought is creating our own universe, for example we see people who show that they do not create in ghosts and they are arranged to pay money if somebody the sample, the answer is logical will watch never them because nobody can see what it does not create at subconscious level.

Advantages HoREX

HoREX hearing acoustics EC to the current investigation of the Stiftung Warentest in hearing aid acoustics good listening is important. When your own hearing due to natural wear and tear, therefore an early visit to a hearing care professional is advisable. But which is the best? This question is now also the Stiftung Warentest and examined on the basis of the large German audiologist chains, in whom the customer is best placed. However, the results of that test were published in the June issue of the magazine, are rather average in key areas. Reason enough for the leading German professional association HoREX, expressly pointed out that smaller, owner-operated acoustic providers offer the customers in terms of service and advice often clear advantages over the big chain stores. These farms are also organized, in a strong association as the HoREX they combine these advantages with which the big chains. In their current study, she tested Stiftung Warentest the offerings of the large chain stores Fielmann, Geers, child, Amplifon, Seifert and Iffland rather average results.

So came the quality of advice at any of the six sectors large about satisfying”out. And also in terms of customer orientation achieved alone the industry newcomer Fielmann good”. That the big here achieve better results can is remarkable, “so Tannassia Reuber, Executive Member of the Board of hearing acoustics EC HoREX. These areas are absolutely crucial for the success of a hearing aid supply. Each hearing loss is different. So the possibilities of modern hearing aids are actually used, these devices must be adapted to the individual hearing loss of a customer precisely. The needs in addition to excellent expertise also trust, time and patience.

Also, the audiologist will remain even after the supply for the most important contact customers. Mediocrity is not certainly Basis for really good and long term customer relationships.” Cooperative HoREX: Advantages of smaller providers of large chains connect at the same time the representative of the oldest indicates German audiologist cooperative that now many smaller, owner-operated businesses offer this more advice and customer orientation. This reflects in their structure”, says Tannassia Reuber. The quality of advice-intensive services ensures even, everyone knows everyone, and that the distances between customers and owners are short. Typically, the customer in smaller listening acoustic enterprises over the years has its single point of contact. There is no frequent personnel changes, but a trusting cooperation and personal relationship.” These small, owner-managed providers are organized like the HoREX, also in a strong professional community they also connect more customer proximity and service advantages of the large chain stores. A critical concern our community is to strengthen smaller hearing-acoustics holdings for an ever-harder competition without that they must give up their individuality and the own quality standards work. This is far more important than simply maximizing of the return on investment for us. And, last but not least benefit those customers who decide in the case for going to a HoREX HorExperten.” Interested parties on find a HoREX hearing experts in your area. Editorial Note: the hearing acoustics EC headquartered in Kreuztal HoREX was founded in 1995 and is one of the leading performance of hearing-acoustics industry. Today, nationwide over 400 listening acoustic master specialist businesses belong to her. The HoREX care professional aims to offer an individual hearing solution people with hearing loss, which focuses on personal hearing requirements and a fair price / performance ratio. The HoREX offers its members future-oriented perspectives and an attractive shopping policy, extensive marketing support and numerous services, offers in-service training and quality certification.

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